Clever Home Buy rebate


Our commission rebate program is very straightforward. We will credit you half of our closing credit. We will disclose this to you upfront and you will also see it in your closing documents. You do not have to negotiate your rebate with us as you do with many other Agents.
We have to say “ Up to 50 percent” because some lenders have a cap on how much credit can be credited at closing. We will pay you as much as the lender allows. Everything needs to be disclosed to your lender so we cannot pay you the rest outside of closing. They make the rules, we don’t; but we do follow them. If you are an ALL-CASH buyer and are not in need of a loan, you do not have to be concerned about lender approval
The answer to that will depend on your location. If you are buying in California, we are the direct company and Agents. If you are buying outside of California, we will refer you out. Even if we refer you out, you will still receive our 50 percent commission rebate offer, but the bottom line will be less as we will be receiving less commission.
Commission Rebates are legal in most states. States that they are NOT legal are Tennessee, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alaska, Missouri, Oregon and Iowa
Our Agents have over 25 years of experience as Realtors. More importantly, they have 40 plus years in business and negotiation which help you get the best deal. Don’t just hire a Realtor for a Realtor sake, make sure they have business experience as there are many times in the transaction process that a good business mind will come in handy saving you thousands of dollars.
Typically all lenders will allow buyer rebates to be used for any of your closing costs including a rate buydown. However, they cannot be used for down payments 99% of the time. Once again, buyer rebates are subject to your lender’s approval. If you are an ALL-CASH buyer and are not in need of a loan, you do not have to be concerned about lender approval.
As long as a lender is notified and approves, and all laws are met, we do provide this option. We prefer as should you to do it in closing as it is a much cleaner deal providing all parties an extra set of third-party eyes overseeing the transaction.
We are ethical and offer excellent services. We do not play games with your rebate. If your lender allows 50% of our commission rebate, we will provide you 50% of our commission. It’s that simple and pretty straight forward. That typically is 1-1.5% of your purchase price. Buyer commission is set by the Seller within the listing and will be disclosed to you when you notify us of the property you want to buy.
No, you are not required to use our recommended broker or lender. We do encourage that you do, as they are familiar with our concept and will work alongside us and you to ensure you receive the best loan available AND the highest rebate. They know which lenders allow rebates and which ones do not. They always shop the ones that do first.
There are many discount Agencies that work with Sellers and we decided we just wanted to work with Buyers as our specific niche. If you have previously been a Buyer using our services, we will refer you to a good Agent that will help sell your home.
Absolutely, and they love our concept. Investors are looking for their highest ROI on any property they buy, so saving a chunk of money each time they buy a new investment property works into their investing plan perfectly.