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Find Your Home

In order for you to receive the best and highest Buyer rebate from us, you will need to have a property in mind before enlisting our services.

As soon as you have your home or investment property picked out, then you will be ready to go and we will step in to help you do the hard part and assuring you, your rebate upon a successful and completed closing.

With that being said, you might not know how find a property even if you want to.

Here are some ideas to assist you:

If you are looking to buy a property anywhere in California, let us know your desired location and we will set you up with MLS alerts. 
When a new property comes on the market, or is back on the market, you will receive a notification from us. 
Contact us to get started.
Almost every house that comes on the market has an Open House shortly after. Check them out in the location you are looking to buy. Many people just stop by when they see an Open House sign, but there are also plenty of sites that list them for you We recommend as a good site to check out as they list the Open Houses and New Listings in the corner of each listing pic. Just remember in order for you to receive a Buyer Rebate from us, you HAVE to let us be your representing Realtor for your purchase so online sites to find the Open House Listings are probably the best way.
Many Buyers do not know that they can have a Realtor represent them in a new construction purchase. When you sign in to go look at the model homes, you would list that you are being represented by an Agent. The majority of the new construction developments offer Realtors commission for getting the Buyer in to see their homes. We will share it if they do.
Investors already have a good idea what type of property they are looking for and they are also pretty self-sufficient. They tend to have to pay a Realtor just to work through the mounds of paperwork. If that is You, then you found your perfect fit! Let us save you A LOT of money over and over by working with our services.
Believe it or not, there are a select group of people that will buy a house sight unseen and even more people got used to doing that during COVID. By using the many beneficial tools that listings now have (3D tours, high quality drone photos, videos, well written descriptions, etc), one can get the complete feel for a house. After the offer, let the inspection results handle the rest. Inspections are meant to find out what the underlying issues are of a property and in most cases, will allow for the withdrawl of the initial offer and further negotiation based on them.
Transfers between family and/or friends can get complicated, so many will hire a Realtor to be able to not only help work through the negotiation but also to complete the paperwork for a smooth transition. It’s important to not just trust people you know to work through such a sizable transaction without expert assistance. Our services are a perfect fit for such deals.

No matter how you find your next home, make sure you do not use another Realtor to do so. Most Importantly, do NOT use another

Realtor to just drive you around and then come to us for the deal.

That is not ethical and we do not condone that. If we find out that has happened, we will refer you back to your original Realtor.

If you need a Full-Service Realtor to help you find a home, than we will refer you to one and all parties will be compensated appropriately.

Are you ready to own your house?