Clever Home Buy rebate

Commission Split



That’s right!! We split the commission that we receive from representing you as your Buyer’s Agent. It’s 50/50!! What we get, you get! ⃰ There is nothing like it in the Real Estate market today. 

Most rebate programs have all sorts of qualifiers or asterisks to their rebate credit offers. Not US! The only asterisk we have is based on your lender. Some lenders only allow so much credit to be paid at closing. Different lending programs have different rules so we will work with your lender to find out what is allowed and follow their guidelines.

Of course, you can also get preapproved with our partner lender. Their loan brokerage has access to hundreds of different loan programs in order to find the right fit for you. Although you are not required to work with them, you will find they understand our concept and will work within those boundaries to make sure you not only receive the best home loan for you but also the highest closing rebate credit we offer. 

Every client has different needs so Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can best serve you and your Real Estate needs.  


50 percent realtor buyer rebate


*We offer up to 50 percent only in California currently. If you are outside of California, we still provide you a credit but it will be less as we have to work with other cooperative agents. We also can only pay the amount your lender allows.