Clever Home Buy rebate

Full service

Our commission split concept is perfect for those that are comfortable finding the home they want to buy without Realtor assistance. If you are independent minded and are willing to search the numerous sites available today that pull from the Multiple Listing Service, aka MLS then this could be the perfect fit for you to save money. Examples of such sites include,,,, etc. If you are looking to purchase in California, we also can set you up on an automatic notification service for your area per interested zip codes.


If you like to attend Open Houses, this is the perfect fit for you. 


If you are looking to buy new construction from the model homes, this is a perfect fit for you as most builders offer Buyer Realtor commission, and in some cases, they offer even more than the regular resale market.


With that being said, we recognize that not everyone will be the perfect fit for our business model of locating your new home without Realtor assistance. Therefore, we have partnered with local Realtors throughout California in order for you to receive some sort of rebate at closing.


We will still try to beat any other rebate Realtor agency, so contact us and find out what we can do for your individual situation. A Full-Service Realtor will take you around and show you homes providing you excellent service.