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Buying Real Estate with No Credit or Bad Credit

Bad credit home buying

Any individual that is ever had the experience of bad credit recognizes that it is very challenging to receive a loan through a traditional mortgage company. However, this should in no way indicate that it is impossible to purchase a piece of property with a poor or low credit score. In these types of situations, […]

Buying A Vacation Home On The Beach

beach front real estate

For a long time, we’ve been going to the beach town I grew up in, on vacation. For the longest time, we’ve been paying a lot of money to stay in a hotel, and after everything that happened this last time, I was insistent that we buy a home near the beach. Now, I had […]

Are Fixer-Uppers Worth It? Some Things to Think About Before You Decide

You may have found the neighborhood of your dreams by taking a walk through the city. You may even have gone as far as researching home prices in the area only to find them shockingly expensive. While looking around you find some homes that are not exactly move-in ready and need some help to make […]

Helpful Money-Making Advice for the Real Estate Investor

California Investment Property

One of the best investments a person can make today is real estate. The increasing number of foreclosures could be approaching again as the market looks to be unstable. During an economic downturn the investor wakes up as the market is an investor’s dream. Homes can be purchased for pennies on the dollar as banks […]