Key Problems To Look For When Buying Real Estate

home inspection

Real estate prices are coming back to reality now and because of that, many people are now looking to buy at discounted rates. This can be a great time to buy with some houses selling for only 10% below just a few months ago. Many people are finding it hard to sell their home and […]

Helping A Friend Buy a New House

Home buying help

After buying our home a few years ago, I know how hard it can be to buy a house. I can only imagine that it’s harder for single people to buy a home, since they might not think that anyone knows what they’re going through. After my best friend’s divorce, she wanted to buy a […]

Downsizing And Buying A Home For Myself- A Widows Point of View

home downsizing

I lived for a very long time in a beautiful house with my husband and children. Then, my children grew up and got homes of their own, and my husband passed away. I’m getting older myself, and I know that I’m having a harder time walking up the stairs. That’s why I chose to sell […]

Buying A Vacation Home On The Beach

beach front real estate

For a long time, we’ve been going to the beach town I grew up in, on vacation. For the longest time, we’ve been paying a lot of money to stay in a hotel, and after everything that happened this last time, I was insistent that we buy a home near the beach. Now, I had […]

Buying A House In A Sellers Market

sellers market

In different parts of the country right now it’s definitely a sellers’ market, especially in California.  Inventory of homes for sale is low, interest rates are reasonable and there are a lot of buyers out there looking to get into a home.  So how are you going to find your dream home when you are […]

How To Save For A Home

commission split buyer rebate

The real estate market is getting back on its feet and a lot more people are interested in purchasing a home. This means that banks are becoming more lenient to give out loans, but you must still do your part to save for a home. You want to try and save to provide a 20 […]

Home Buying Made Easy

home finder

Buying a new home can be exciting, but it can also become a nightmare.  Many home buyers are often not sure exactly what they are looking for and this can lead to spending too much money.  You must make a decision about the type of home you want before you commence the search. Here are […]